5 Must-Follow Technology Trends: Current and Future

You will find many articles on technical trends daily on internet. I am a Technical content writer. I am going to tell you 5 must-follow technology current and future trends. Read on…


  1. Wearable technology

Over the past decades, wearable Tech has taken off on health monitors and watches. As per recent research, the global wearables market is predicted to approach a value of $19 billion by 2018. The outlook is amazing for wearables manufacturers and consumers.

As a Freelance technical Writer, I feel that this tech space has observed an incredible increase in user spending. It’s all thanks to fitness as well as health digital product manufacturers such as Apples's Watch, which offer many features beyond only telling time.

  1. Virtual Reality

Recently, the Oculus Rift, Samsung have announced the 1st generation of headsets of virtual reality. Around 2 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg (the CEO of Facebook) acquired VR and has spent money as well as time into the hardware and software together, gaining global prominence in the process. This tech trend may enable for immersive movie watching and gaming. However, in the future, it will most probably develop into a virtual communication portal, where space and distance are all but missing in people to people relations. On the skyline, we may seek for equally refined products such as a "smart" contact lens with a built-in camera.


  1. No-Touch Interfaces

The Pcs are machines which you operate with your hands. Like as we became comfortable with mouses and keyboards, Today’s many generation has learned to text at inflammability speed. Every new path of tech has needed new skills in order to use it effectively.

This is the reason behind that the new tech trend against no-touch interfaces is so basically unique. From Apple’s Siri toGoogle’s to Microsoft’s Kinect Project Glass, we are starting to predict that PCs adapt to us instead of the other way around.

However, the fundamental pattern technology has been developing for generations. It’s all thanks to running returns; we may predict Pc interfaces to become almost identical from humans in future.

  1. Native Content

Over the past decades, tech has become more social, local and mobile the new internet technology can be combated in the living room. Apple AAPL +0.05%, Google GOOG +0.65%, Microsoft MSFT -1.71% and also the cable company all compete to make a main model for providing user entertainment.

TRENDS 3D text surrounded by calendar dates. Part of a series.
TRENDS 3D text surrounded by calendar dates. Part of a series.
  1. Consumerization of IT

From the consumer world, the source of innovation for tech is coming hugely, which also sets the place. It is only one consumerization aspect. In short we call it CoIT.

I hope these technologies trends will be followed by you soon. If you are writer, then apply for Freelance technical writing jobs or technical content writing jobs online.