Fall Leaves Are Pretty, but Cleaning Them out of Gutters is Not

I am not a fan of raking leaves. I like to look at the fall foliage, and I enjoy the crunch sound of walking through leaves in the late fall. I use a leaf mulcher on the lawnmower in the fall. It sucks them up into a bin after cutting them into tiny pieces. I bought a leaf blower to cut down on the amount of raking. I blew them all into my neighbor's yard one year as a joke. He was less than amused. One thing I dislike more is gutter cleaning. The new gutter mesh we got is my solution to hours spent on a ladder with a bucket cleaning out the gutters.

The leaf debris in gutters is okay on the top. It is just fresh fall leaves. On the bottom of the gutter trough is a mucky mess. It is black, slimy and stinks. I find spiders, bugs and even some kind of slugs or snail-like creatures in the mess. I actually did it one year without gloves. I bought a pair of waterproof gloves for the next year. The gutter mesh makes it so the leaves and other debris flows right over the edge of the roof rather than gathering in the gutters. I went up and checked in the winter after installing the gutter guard mesh. The gutters were clean! I was not sure whether it was going to keep out the tiny stuff that liked to gather in the bottom of the gutter trough.

If you have regular asphalt shingles, some of the grit is going to get through the mesh. However, if your gutters are on the proper slope, it will wash down the downspout when it rains. If you do not have the right slope, you might need to use a garden hose to rinse the trough after a long time. Still, you do not have to worry about your gutters filling up with leaves and debris.