Airgle Air Purifier Review

Airgle Air Purifier Review

This company was established back in 1999. The name Air-g-l-e stands for: Purifying Air with Great Level of Efficiency. There is no doubt that Airgle’s product lives up to its name.

Its superiority in eliminating ultra-fine air pollutants and some gases owes to the fact that it uses a powerful filtration system as well as tight construction which does not allow any internal leakage. Some air purifiers and allergy product retailers that are known to be picky in choosing products they carry, for instance: Sylvane, Allergy Buyers Club and Achoo Allergy, decided to carry Airgle 750 after their in-house testing proves that this HEPA air purifier does work and can indeed reduce the amount of air particles in a room by more than 99%.

In addition, its air flow design as well as high quality motor enable this air purifier to deliver clean air quickly enough to win the best CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) ratings from AHAM (American Home Appliance’s Manufacturers); effectively leaving its 159 competitors behind.

Although CADR does not tell the whole story, but this air purifier’s accomplishment in getting the highest CADR ratings, coupled with its ability in retaining almost airborne pollutants is certainly no small feat.

Finally, this is also the only air purifier which, at this time, incorporates plenty of modern conveniences and comfort into its design. It’s silent, completely programmable, and automated. This should not be surprising though, since this company is known to work closely with Asian countries, which we all know, is big on automation.

The Technology Behind Airgle Purifier – A review

1. The Filtration System Reviews

In its marketing campaign, Airgle boasts in having a powerful 12 filter-stage filtration system. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that while this air purifier indeed uses 12 filters, it does not mean that all filters are set in stack. Some of them lay side by side, which mean that air does not pass all 12 filters in a single pass.

So how exactly does the filtration system work?

Basically, air enters Airgle 750 from the bottom of the air purifier and then flow to the center of the machine. Adter this, the air is routed to three different directions: top, left and right sides. Subsequently, the air is filtered in 3 stages:

The air which is routed to the top of air purifier.

Stage 1: The air which goes to the top of the air purifier passes two permanent washable prefilters which lay next to each other.

Stage 2: This air then pass two permanent high flow microbial filters located on top of the two prefilters. These two microbial filters are arranged side by side, not stacked on top of each other.

Stage 3: After passing through the microbial filters, the air finally goes through two 3M HEPA filters which are stacked on top of the microbial filters. Clean air finally exits from the top of the air cleaner.

The air which is routed to the left or right sides of the air purifier

Stage 1: Air is passed through permanent prefilters, one on each side.

Stage 2: Air then goes through replaceable activated carbon grid filters which are present for gas, smoke and odor control. There is one filter for each side.

Stage 3: The air finally reaches replaceable 3M HEPA filters, one at each side, and is then exhaled.

So basically, air goes in to the Airgle 750 through the bottom part, split up into three different flow routes and finally goes out from the top, left and right sides of the air purifier.

The use of these air filters and its tight construction enable Airgle 750 to effectively curb common allergen such as mold, pollen, dust, dustmites, and pet dander as well as germs and some gases, including smoke and odor to an efficiency of over 99%. In fact, independent testing at Allergy Buyers Club, a premium online allergy store, shows zero particle count in the testing room.

This finding, coupled with the fact that Airgle air purifier gets the best CADR ratings by AHAM leads this selective vendor to award this HEPA air purifier five stars (excellent), which before has only been awarded to one air purifier, IQAir.

Since this air purifier uses 12 filters, there is also a concern whether all of those ultimately have to be replaced, considering that air filters are not exactly cheap.

In this respect, it is important to know that although Airgle uses 12 filters, only six are permanents. This means you only need to change another six, which consist of : 4 HEPA filters and 2 activated-carbon filters, all of which need approximately a yearly changing. The cost for all 4 HEPA filters is $135, which is comparable to the cost of one HEPA filter of other serious air cleaners. The two-pack carbon filters, at $36, are also not expensive.

All in all, the cost of yearly filter replacement is reasonable.

2. The Air Flow System

As a home air purifier with the best CADR ratings for all three standard pollutants (pollen, smoke, dust), Airgle 750 is undoubtedly an air cleaner with excellent air flow. It is capable in changing air six times per hour when used in a room less than 700 sq. feet. This means, you get clean air every 10 minutes which is way above the thirty-minute-air-changing industry standard.

While a good quality motor or fan is definitely one of the reason why this air purifier manages to push air quickly, another more important reason why this is so is because of its design. By using a three-way intake and outlet system as outlined above, this machine essentially divides the burden of pushing air through multiple filters by three.

This way, the three-way air flow system really lighten the burden of the motor. Therefore, the motor doesn’t have to work that hard in pushing the air, and this enables the motor to work less hard and be quieter.

3. Other features

Safe and environmentally friendly.

Airgle is safe through and through. Not only does it not emit a gas by-product, including the harmful ozone. It is also built from material which does not outgas, is certified green and it consumes so little electricity (36 watts).


Airgle HEPA air purifier has five settings, ranging from 23-55 decibels. The lowest setting, at 23 decibel, is practically silent. Yet, it still gives out enough air flow for it to function as an air cleaner. Hence, this air purifier essentially beats its closest contender, the Blueair purifier, in terms of quietness since Blueair’s lowest setting gives out noise at 35 decibel, which is equivalent to a nearly silent or low humming noise.

The next three settings (2 thru 4) can still be used in the bedroom. Even at setting number 4 (53 decibels), it is still not noisy enough to be annoying. Yes, a sensitive sleeper might not be able to use setting 4 to sleep, but many people who are not so sensitive to sound can still sleep through with this kind of noise.

In fact, some of the premium lines of air purifier has its lowest setting at around 50 decibels, and customers report they can still sleep through it.

Easy to use

  • It’s very easy to replace the filter. No tool is required.
  • User-friendly and intuitive control button.

Maximize comfort and convenience

You can tell that, unlike most air purifier in the market today, this air cleaner is serious in incorporating modern conveniences in its product:

  • First, there is a filter sensor. This way, there is no more guess whether the filter needs changing. This sensor is not the cheap sensor which works by clocking mechanism. Instead, it is really intelligent and works through detecting the filter pressure.
  • Second, it has an automatic on-off sensor. This sensor is capable to detect the level of pollutant in the air, and hence it can switch the machine on or off depending of the presence of pollutant.
  • Third, there is an automatic light sensor. The machine goes into sleeping mode automatically when the light is off, and vice versa.
  • Forth, it’s completely programmable.
  • Fifth, this home air purifier has an optional refresher cartridge placed on the top side of it. It gives out sublime odor which helps refreshing the indoor air. It can be unistalled easily if you don’t want it.
  • Sixth, although it weighs 36 pounds, it is portable. This HEPA air purifier has strong casters which literally glide through the rooms.

4. Potential Drawbacks

  • Pricey. At close to $800, this is an undoubtedly expensive air purifiers. Budget-minded customers might be better served with other non-frills premium air purifiers which do the job, such as Austin Air.
  • This air purifier has the least amount of carbon (2 lb) compared to its competitors in the premium line. So it is definitely not suitable for people who need more gas or odor control, such as smokers, people with multiple chemical sensitivities and people with sensitive lungs.

Whom Is This Air Purifier Suited For

Airgle 750 removes following:

  • major allergen, including: mold, pollen, pet dander, dustmite, and dust.
  • some gases, odor and smoke

So this home air purifier is best suited for people with allergy or with mild lung disease. It is not suitable for people who need more gas, odor, and smoke controls. Smokers, multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers and people with lung diseases should find other air purifiers which provide more carbon and chemicals for gas control than what this air purifier provides.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent air cleaner.

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