Alen Air Purifier Reviews

The Best Alen Air Purifier Reviews

Alen air purifier is made by Alen Corporation, which was born out of a need to provide clean indoor air to one small child – the son of Alen Corp. founder, Peter Mann. This tells us that the quest to find the best technology and the best air purifier was driven by a personal need, and this is what makes the Alen air purifiers a cut above the rest.

Ask any expert on air purifiers, and he will tell you that you need to base an air purifier’s performance on 4 counts: price, warranty, effectiveness, and reliability. When it comes to the Alen air purifiers, you will see that on those 4 counts, it delivers.

Why ?

Because Alen air purifiers have been known as an affordable air purifiers with great effectiveness and reliability. Its lifetime warranty also currently can’t be beaten.

How an Alen Air Purifier Works

Most air purifiers which have shown effectiveness in curbing particles have at least two-stage of air purification: HEPA filtration and prefiltration. A prefilter is great for getting rid of bigger particles whereas HEPA filter is most effective in capturing particles sized 0.3 micron or above. If you have a good quality air purifier with both HEPA and prefilter, you will certainly feel the difference in your indoor air quality.

However, Alen air purifier goes above and beyond the norm. Not only it’s equipped by a prefilter and a high quality HEPA filter. It also includes an non-ozone producing ionizer which can be turned on or off and a light carbon filter to help capture gases. The result is air purifier units which can curb over 90% of particles 0.3 micron or above (HEPA efficiency) and are on par with premium air purifiers such as BlueAir and IQAir.

In addition, some of Alen air purifiers include: germicidal or UV light which can kill bacteria and viruses, as well as extra carbon filter for a boost in capability in capturing smoke, odor and all VOC (volatile organic compound).

There is also an option to upgrade the all-in-one filter (consist of prefilter, HEPA filter and carbon filter) into the one which also consist of silver screen. Silver screen will automatically kills the germs which are trapped in the filter.

Types of Alen Air Purifiers.

Today, Alen Corp has different types of products under the name of Alen air purifiers, with a room coverage ranging between 125-800 sq feet and with the price between $149 to $599.

1. Alen T100 air purifier.

This is the smallest and cheapest ($149) purifier from Alen and is so portable and mini, it’s suitable for your office cubicle and is a good air purifier to bring for vacation or visiting. This air cleaner is capable of removing particulates purifier up to 84%. It comes with a HEPA filter, but does not include the UV bulb.

2. Alen HEPA T300 tower air purifier.

The next Alen HEPA air purifier is the T300 model. This air purifier is being sold for $299 and comes with the usual HEPA filter and ionizer. It also has a UV bulb. This allows the machine to capture the smallest of particles like bacteria and air borne viruses that can trigger an allergy or sinus attack. This model looks like a tower and easily fits and cleans the air in a room of about 300 square feet.

3. Alen A350 air purifier.

The Alen A350 is the top seller, and it can remove 98% of particles of 0.3 micron or above, which makes its efficiency on par with premium air purifier for particles that size. It still cannot surpass premium air purifiers like IQAir and Blue Air for capturing volatile organic compound (VOC) or gases,though, because for optimal performance in controlling gases and odor, you would need a more substantial carbon filter than what Alen provides.

But the strength of Alen air purifier lies in price and its lifetime warranty. For almost half the price of premium air purifiers, you get an air purifier with great efficiency for curbing particulates which can be used for approximately the same sq feet (800 sq.feet) as premium air purifier. It’s not surprising that this model of Alen air purifiers has been voted a consumer’s Best Value for being able to deliver cleaner air at an affordable price.

4. Alen Multigas A375UV and Alen Paralda air purifiers

The last 2 Alen HEPA air purifiers being offered are the Alen Multigas and the Paralda which are sold at $599 and $499, respectively and have 98% efficiency in capturing particles.

The Alen Multigas 375UV can be used in a room up to 800 sqfeet and comes with the usual filters, 2 Alen UV lamps and a substantial carbon filter which gives a boost in its ability to capture volatile organic gases. It is acknowledged to be able to remove chemical pollutants which are infamous for being trigger factors for people with respiratory problems and prone to allergies and asthma. Therefore it is best used for people who are allergic and have major respiratory problems.

The Paralda, on the other hand, completes the Alen profile with a product that has HEPA filter, ozone safe ionizer, an amazing Alen UV bulb life span of up to 5 years, and high energy efficiency ratings. It should be used in room 400sq feet or lower, and it also receives the Respiratory Product of the year.

The Positive Features of Alen Air purifier

  • For the price of an Alen HEPA Air purifier, you get more than your money’s worth because of the lifetime warranty and fantastic efficiency.
  • The percentage of cleaner air that these air purifiers produce is consistently high.
  • You will not have problems with replacement procedures, availability of parts, and after sales service. Many other high end brands that cost more than the Alen counterparts have limited warranty and complicated replacement procedures.
  • RoHS compliancy. This means that these air purifiers do not have mercury or lead.
  • Filter replacement indicators and remote control are available.
  • Many Alen air purifier reviews have ranked the these air purifiers as top of the line, and most preferred brands.
  • Most Alen HEPA air purifiers are eco friendly, energy-star certified and look extremely modern and stylish. Some can also be mounted on wall.
  • All Alen HEPA air purifiers that come with an Alen UV bulb also have a safety feature that will protect the user from the rays of the UV light.

The Drawbacks of Alen Air Purifier

  • The higher settings of the Alen air purifiers can be a little too loud for comfort, and can interfere with your sleep. However, at the lower setting, noise is barely discernible.
  • The blower system of the Alen A350 has been a cause for concern because sometimes there can be a squeaking sound. Of course, with the lifetime warranty, you can always request for a replacement unit, and assume that the unit you initially got squeezed through the quality control cracks.
  • The Alen Paralda air purifiers are more complicated to operate, and takes some effort to learn the controls.
  • Substantial carbon filter is only offered as part of Alen Multigas 375UV. Therefore, although other Alen purifiers are good in curbing particulates, it only has limited efficiency with odors and smoke particles as they tend to be smaller than 0.3 micron and need a carbon filter to control optimally.
  • There is a ‘strings attached’ to the much touted life time warranty from Alen. In order for you to keep the warranty, Alen requests that you should participate in their filter replacement subscription program where you should change the filter for at least once every 6 month. At $60 a pop for the most basic filter, Alen filters are definitely not on the cheap end.

What Kind of Particles Are Trapped With Alen Air Purifier and Who Needs This Air Purifier The Most?

If you really want to have the cleanest indoor air, you can buy either the Alen Multigas or Paralda. These are their top of the line air purifiers that can compete with premium air purifiers in terms of performance. These air purifiers can cleanse the air up to 98% of the time.

In fact, in many reviews, Alen air purifiers are ranked higher than the IQAir, just because they cost so much less, and unless you have severe problems with air such as people with severe asthma, allergy or multiple chemical sensitivity, buying the affordable Alen will not make much difference from buying the more expensive premium air purifiers, such as Blueair and IQAir.

Otherwise, for moderate allergy or asthma sufferers, the cheaper Alen A350 will do the job.

All in all, Alen air cleaners are good air purifiers because they are reliable and efficient. Yet, because of the low price and lifetime guarantee, it makes sense to buy these air purifiers.

Alen T300 Air Purifier Reviews

If you are looking for a reliable air purifier for a small apartment, then the Alen T300 air purifier may just be what you need. This is a functional, easy to operate air purifier that can efficiently clean the air up to 300 square feet of floor space.

One of the reasons for Alen T300 HEPA air purifier is highly recommended is its effectiveness in removing a variety of air pollutants, along with affordability. Lifetime warranty of this tower air purifier is also a great plus for any gadget on sale today.

Alen T300 air purifier from Alen Corps is a very effective air purifier for small rooms. It is proven to eliminate or at least, reduce allergy symptoms and can also be used by sufferers of mild lung diseases as well as to reduce household odor and mild cigar smoke.

**** Room Suitability: 300 sq. ft or less ****

Alen T300 Reviews.

1. How The Alen T300 Air Purifier Works.

As you may know, each air filtration technology included in a given air purifier targets specific air pollutants. The more air filtration included, the better the machine is because it targets the widest variety of air pollutant. At the minimum, a good air purifier should include a filter which addresses bigger pollutant and another one to address gases, volatile organic compound, smoke and odor.

Alen T300 tower air purifier, which comes with a UV lamp, a built-in ionizer, and all-in-one filter package consisting of prefilter, true HEPA filter and either a carbon or odor powder filter, obviously goes above and beyond the norm. In addition, an optional silver ion HEPA filter can be added to the unit.

Alen’s all-in-one standard filter contain of a prefilter which works great to trap big particulates, a true HEPA filter which is very useful in trapping particles up to 0.3 micron in size and a carbon filter to trap volatile organic compounds. This filter retails for $49 and should be changed every 6 months.

If you want a stronger odor/smoke removal with this machine, instead of buying the standard all-in-one filter, you should get the more expensive ($89) HEPA/SMOKE/ODOR MCP filters containing of a prefilter, HEPA filter and Alen’s proprietary odor powder. This odor filter gives the machine a boost in trapping smaller particles which can’t be trapped effectively by the standard Alen’s filters, such as gases, smoke and odors.

The odor filter has no carbon, but instead contains 100 grams of concentrated powder that is used for molecular conversion process (MCP). All this means is that odors and smoke is neutralized immediately.

On top of the all-in-one filter, a silver ion HEPA filters that retails for $59 can be added to the unit. The difference between the regular filters and the silver ions is that the silver ion filters can do a better job of removing up to 99% of airborne allergens and bacteria in the room, and 50% of the virus that can cause infections like the flu. It utilizes a process of oxidation and denaturation.

Alen T300 air purifier also includes a UV lamp so you can be confident that bacteria, viruses, and allergens are removed effectively. These are air pollutants that can invade your home, and and found in pollen, mold, and pet dander. Pet dander comes mainly from the saliva and hair of pets which can transfer to you every time you hold or pet them.

The UV lamp cleanses the air through denaturation which is the process of breaking down the molecules of a substance rendering it harmless. Technically, it is known as photocatalytic oxidation which combines UV rays with titanium oxide. When you do this, you end up with radicals and super oxide ions which, when readily attacks bacteria and other allergens, burns the harmful elements in the air, thereby purifying the air.

You may be wondering where all the bacteria or harmful elements come from. These pollutants, aside from being brought in whenever you step out, can also come from household cleaners which contain ammonia or formaldehyde. It can also come from your pets and building materials.

Lastly, this air purifier contains an ozone-free ionizer, which can be turned on or off and used when further cleaning is needed. An ionizer works by sending charged ions which can stick to the suspended air particles, hence making them settle to a surface such as walls, and carpets. The settled air particles can then be vacuumed or wiped.

2. The Positive Features of Alen T300 Air purifier

  • This premium air purifier has HEPA filters, ionizer, odor/carbon filter and UV lamp which make it ideal for wiping out those nasty air pollutants that can accumulate easily inside a home. At 93% particle removal every single pass, it cleans extremely well. Other known air purifiers which clean a slightly smaller area than this air purifier does and retail for $200-250 only clean 70-77% every single pass.
  • At $299 apiece, along with lifetime warranty and its ability to clean air extremely well, the Alen T300 is very affordable especially when you compare it to other high end air cleaners. In many customer reviews, the preference for the T300 was because of the compact size, and the lifetime warranty. Buyers who bought other higher end air cleaners have experienced problems a year after purchasing the item, and sadly, by the time the problem arose, the warranty has expired.
  • The Alen T300 tower air purifiers, which produce only 35 db at the lowest speed, is quiet. You will hardly notice it hard at work in cleaning your air, unless you set it to the highest fan speed. It has 4 fan speeds which make it easier to control. Furthermore, the control buttons are user-friendly push LED buttons.
  • Easy filter replacement with an auto power off so you can be sure that the power is off when you replace any of the filter.
  • This tower air purifier is compact, stylish and does not consume a lot of floor space. In size, the this Alen air purifier is about 9 inches in depth, 28 inches in height, and weighs 12 lbs.
  • The Alen T300 air purifier also has a programmable timer, so those who are energy-saving conscious can dictate when and how long you want the air purifier to work.
  • Low wattage (40 watt for the smallest speed) and hence energy efficient.
  • Filter replacement is a snap and you have an indicator that will let you know when you need to change your filters. As a rule of thumb, the filter needs to be replaced every 6 months.
  • Safe. Although it has an ionizer, this air purifier is ozone-free and is therefore safe.

Overall, this Alen air purifier is a good machine for small areas. It is energy efficient, effective and easy to use. To top it off, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. The Drawbacks of Alen T300 Air Purifier

  • One problem that came up with the Alen T300 air purifier was the burn out UV bulb which may be due to overuse or extended use. At $59 a pop, replacement bulb is pretty expensive. However, one customer found that you can get a Phillips PL5/UV for $13 which can be used instead of getting the one from the Alen Corp. Be careful when you do this though, because this may cause the warranty to be void.
  • This air purifier will work best in small contained areas only. Once you go over 300 square feet, you limit its efficiency, and compromise its effectiveness. You should follow the specs of the manufacturer and use this air cleaner for your bedroom or small apartment units.
  • The highest fan speeds (60 dcb) can also be too loud for comfort, and is recommended only when no one is going to be using the room.
  • The standard all in one filters, retailing at $49, will clean the air but if you really want better control on gas and odor, you will need to shell out more money to get the more expensive filters (the all-in-one odor filter) which cost $89 every 6 months.

Who Needs This Air Purifier The Most?

With the Alen T300 air purifier, your air can be cleansed of pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and odor. Our indoor air is considered a potential health risk because of the particles that can be trapped inside a room. These particles are so small ( from .0001 to 10,000 micron) that it can pass through our noses without any problem.

Unfortunately, our lungs may not be able to exhale these particles easily either. This is what causes illnesses and allergies. Do you have problems sleeping? Do you wake up coughing and sneezing, and having a difficult time breathing? These are just some of the symptoms of an allergy. You can eliminate these easily with Alen air cleaners.

This is because the Alen T300 air purifier with standard all-in-one filter is equipped with allergy HEPA filters, carbon filter and a UV lamp,and therefore it can effectively suck in the bad air with particles of up to 0.3 microns plus some gases, such as dust mites, dust, bacteria, some smoke, pollen, animal dander and viruses, and subsequently release clean air.

You never need to worry anymore about your allergy with this air purifier because, in line with the phrase ‘the proof is in the pudding’, the ‘pudding’ said that Alen T300 air purifiers provided relief of their allergy symptoms after using this air purifier.

But how about those nagging pet odor, cooking odor and smoke ? Are they also addressed by this Alen air purifier ?

If you purchase the odor filter instead of the standard filter, these problems can be minimized, too. Because its ability to curb gases and smoke, this product will also help most of the sufferers of simple respiratory problems such as asthma which, due to sensitive lung cannot be exposed to certain gases and smoke.

One caveat though. Cleaning air is not all about removing the offending air particles, but also about preventing them to be there in the first place. Therefore, if you continue to smoke heavily, and keep pets around, nothing, not even the Alen T300 can help you to eliminate the problems completely because the contaminants will continue to breed.

All in all, overall customer and test feedback from this Alen T300 air purifier is positive. It ranks among the premium class and for allergy-prone individuals, it cleans the air quite well to allow for less incidents of allergy attacks.

Alen A350 Air Purifier Reviews

Alen Corporation, the company which makes Alen A350 HEPA air purifier, has always been known for its quality products especially those that work to improve air quality inside a home. Today, air purifier is becoming a very important appliance to have, whether you suffer from allergies or not. This is because the quality of indoor air is statistically becoming more and more toxic everyday and constant exposure to air pollutant can affect your health.

While you can improve this by, for instance, eliminating household cleaning products that emit chemical fumes into the air, and by limiting the areas in the house where pets are allowed, there will still be harmful particles that will affect your air quality.

The best way to deal with this problem, especially those plagued with allergy, is by getting an air purifier for the sensitive areas in the house like the bedrooms and living room.

But, which air purifier to purchase ?

Today, with so many different air purifiers in the market , it can get very confusing comparing and analyzing which one to get. However,if you compare the Alen A350 HEPA air purifier which most other brands, you will see that on all levels, this product comes out on top every time.

The price will be less of a consideration when you consider how effective this appliance is in reducing allergy-trigger particles up to 0.3 microns in the room and the fact that it can be used at a medium-sized room (400 sq. feet). After all, it’s about how well a product can deliver at the best price possible.

With this Alen A350 air purifier from Alen Corporation, and a fantastic lifetime warranty, you get a stylish, top performing air purifier that will provide you with improved indoor air all day, and all night.

1. How The Alen A350 Air Purifier Works

An air purifier is only as good as the results it produces. With this Alen air purifier, you get an air cleaner that has a 3-stage filtration system : a pre-filter stage, a HEPA filter and the light carbon filter – all put together into an all-in-one package for easy replacement.

The pre-filter stage is similar to what you would see in an air-condition unit. It accumulates dust and dirt over a period of time. The HEPA filter can capture the smaller particles (up to 0.3 micron) that can cause the allergies, and the light carbon filter will help remove the gases and odors like smoke, cooking smells, and chemical toxins in the air. It’s worth to note though that the amount of carbon in this machine is not enough for a complete control of volatile organic compounds (gases), including smoke and odor.

If you need a boost in odor control, then instead of getting the standard all-in-one filter, you should get the odor control all-in-one filter instead. Like the standard Alen filter, the odor filter consists of a prefilter and HEPA filters. However, instead of having a light carbon filter,the odor filter has 0.5 lb of Alen proprietary odor powder.

On top of the three-stage filtration system described above, Alen A350 air purifier also has a built-in ionizer which you can switch on or off as you please. Unlike other ionizer, this will not produce ozone. Yet it can help to decrease the airborne pollutants in the room. That makes this a great air purifier for removing dust.

Air ionizers are important in an air purifier because it causes the airborne allergy trigger factors which are missed by air purifier, like mold, pollen, pet dander and bacteria to settle in the surface instead of being airborne. Once settled, these pollutants can then be wiped or vacuumed as need. This means, you can start to enjoy sleeping without coughing or sneezing, less headaches from the toxins in the area which will lower your tension levels and regulate your hormone better.

With the built-in ionizer, you can enjoy the feeling of wellness because your blood pressure will not be stressed. You will enjoy increased energy levels and avoid stressing your respiratory system.

Finally, for a boost in germicidal power, Alen gives you the option of including the silver ion-laced HEPA filter. Developed by a university in China, it has been proven that silver ion-laced HEPA filter can reduce the amount of live bacteria and viruses inside the air purifier significantly. This silver screen has also been used by other Asian-made air purifier brands.

2. Positive Features of Alen A350 Air Purifiers

  • With indoor air causing more harm than good today, an efficient air purifier is needed to contain and remove the air pollutants inside the home. With the Alen A350 air purifiers, you will be able to remove almost 98% of all toxic particles inside your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and play room. This means that you can say good-bye to allergies caused by dust, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, and chemical toxins from household cleaners and sprays. But not only that. The best part about using the Alen A350 air purifiers is the amazing clean, fresh smell of air after. The air circulation is utterly addicting and will spoil you as far as air quality is concerned.
  • The ionizer, which will not create ozone is a great addition to this air purifier. There is no need to worry about it being harmful to children and those with respiratory problems.
  • The lifetime warranty will help ease your worries about the price of this model. You can get another Alen air purifier for a cheaper price, but you limit your room coverage as well. Rest assured that purchasing this air purifier from Alen will be worth the price. For many proud owners of the A350, there is no better air purifier in the market.
  • The filter is reasonably priced and does not have to be changed too often even with daily use. Furthermore, it is easy to replace and install. The original price for the all-in-one filter used to be $40, and although this has gone up to $49, it is still a good buy. Sure, it sounds more expensive compared to the so-called permanent HEPA filters offered by other brands. But, considering the high efficiency of this machine, and the fact that other premium air purifier which has similar efficiency percentage ( 90-s) as this Alen air purifier charges the same price or even more than Alen, Alen A350 filter price is reasonable. What you can do is buy more than 1 pack so you protect yourself for the rest of the year against any more price increases. One caveat though. Don’t attempt to try to save on the cost of the filters by washing the old filters. You could end up damaging you Alen air purifier and negating the lifetime warranty.
  • Low maintenance and wall mounting, as well as a digital control panel, makes the Alen A350 HEPA air purifiers an ideal unit for a family with young children and a busy lifestyle.
  • An energy-efficient 12 hour timer is available, so you can control your usage easily.
  • Alen A350 air purifier is lightweight at 18.2 lbs. and is small enough at 18.5 x 9 x 17.5 inches to fit into the corner or against the wall unobtrusively. Or you can mount it on the wall, thereby saving a lot of floor space.
  • There is an indicator to let you know when you need to replace the filter, as well as an auto-shut off as an extra safety measure just in case you forgot to shut off the unit prior to opening it. Anyway, if you don’t want to change it every 6 month or when indicated by the filter sensor, you can also tell when it’s time to change your filters when your allergies start acting up again, and the unit start emitting a bad odor.
  • As far as HEPA filtration goes, the Alen A350 air purifier is one of the best buys you can get. The other true HEPA air purifiers with similar efficiency are much more expensive and do not come with a great lifetime warranty.

3. Drawbacks of The Alen A350 Air Purifier

  • Some consumers have been noting the noise level of the 3rd and 4th fan speed setting (i.e. 65 db at maximum setting) is a bit to loud for comfort and can get a little irritating. But if you maintain the setting at 1 or 2 while you’re sleeping, you should not have any problem.
  • The price of this Alen air purifier ($399) is a little steep for some, but if you look at the efficiency and the power, which corresponds with the room size suitability, this is actually a bargain. Sure, compared to Honeywell Enviracaire or Hunter QuietFlo which cost around $200-$300 and can be used in rooms around 300-375 sq. feet, this unit looks expensive. But, Alen A350 HEPA air purifiers are miles above those two air purifiers in terms of efficiency. Alen A350 air purifier has been tested by to have a 97.5% efficiency in curbing pollutants 0.3 micron or above, whereas Enviracaire’s efficiency is at 77%.
  • The display panel can be a little too bright at night but if you use a green nightlight, you can easily counteract the brightness.
  • Some customers report defective or used air purifiers being shipped by the corporation. Some also questions the durability and workmanship of the machine. For instance, there is an incident of the blown-off motor and creaking fans.
  • The lifetime warranty will only be honored if the customers enroll into an automatic filter replacement program from the company which will automatically send the customers filter replacement every 6 months. Because of this, some customers accuse Alen in using the lifetime warranty deal as a marketing gimmicks, instead for raising product confidence.

Who Needs This Air Purifier The Most?

This Alen air purifier is one the best value air cleaner whether you want to combat allergy or just want a clean indoor air, as voted by Its HEPA filter system and built-in ionizer will sweep through your rooms and cleanse the air of harmful allergens, such as: mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust, and pet dander. Some allergy customers also have reported the improvement in allergy symptoms.

For instance, some said that they no longer get teary eyes anymore after installing Alen A350 air purifier. Some reported the decrease in sneezing and coughing after buying this air purifier. Because of its superb efficiency (97.5%), this air purifier is very suitable for those allergy, regardless of the severity.

We, however, do not encourage asthma sufferers, except for the mild ones, to purchase this unit, because it does not have enough gas filter. Since lung disease and multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers need to be protected from gas irritant, it is better to purchase air purifiers which can filter gases better. But for all stage (mild to severe) of air allergy, Alen A350 air purifier is a good unit to get.


It should be obvious by now that Alen air purifiers are solid units. They have their specific uses, and as long as you know which best suits your needs. you can’t go wrong with investing in one of these air purifiers.

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