Air Oasis Air Purifiers Reviews for 2022

Air Oasis Air Purifier Reviews & Specifications

Oasis Enterprises, the maker of the Air Oasis air purifier is an American company focusing on design and manufacture of home appliances which has been on the market since 2002. Over the years, this company has developed and enhanced the original design of their air purifiers to the current range of models being offered today. At present, there are four Air Oasis photocatalytic air purifiers for home use, and larger units for commercial use.

The core technology used by this company is photocatalytic oxidation (PCO).

But, what is photocatalytic oxidation ?

Does it work ?

And more importantly, is it safe?

Air Oasis Air Purifier Reviews

1. How Air Oasis Air Purifier Works

To understand the benefits of the Air Oasis photocatalytic air purifier, it is important to know what a photocatalytic oxidation cell can do to purify indoor air.

In a photocatalytic oxydation cell, Air Oasis’ proprietary metal catalyst (the patent-pending nano-nickel HCT), is exposed to a broad range of UV light. Upon exposure to the UV light, and because of the presence of water in our air, a reaction ensues. That reaction results in the creation of hydroxyl radicals, which are strong oxidizers.

The machine sends out hydroxyl radicals which then react with volatile organic compounds, turning them into hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, hydroxyl radicals can also kill off microorganisms.

Therefore, Air Oasis air purifier is in fact an air sanitizer. A room air sanitizer differs from conventional air purifier in that an air sanitizer does not inhale or suck in the contaminated air into the machine. Instead, it’s sending an army of chemicals, be it UV light, hydroxyl radicals, and so forth, to go and attack gases and microorganism.

2. The Positive Features of Air Oasis Air Purifier.

  • This photocatalytic air purifier works well to make sure you have a clean indoor air. Their study, conducted in West Texas A&M; University, shows that with the Air Oasis air sanitizer you will be able to reduce 97% mold, 97% bacteria, 80% volatile organic compound, 85% odors, and 99% surface bacteria in the air after 8 hours.
  • Air Oasis room sanitizer is quiet and barely heard when it’s on.
  • This photocatalytic air purifier will not require high maintenance because it’s filterless. This means that over time, your Air Oasis air purifier will be well worth its initial investment.
  • Air Oasis air sanitizer comes with 3 year warranty. When you buy an Air Oasis air purifier, Air Oasis will also provide you with a free test kit to determine the air quality in your home. This is great for checking changes in indoor air prior to using the Air Oasis room sanitizer, and comparing it to the air after you have turned on the unit. Should you are not satisfied with the product, Air Oasis air purifier has a 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Air Oasis air purifiers for home only use an average of 45 watts.
  • If you’ve been interested in owning a kind of ionizer, be it a negative ion ionizer or ozone generator, a PCO air purifier like Air Oasis sanitizer is a much better alternative in terms of effectiveness and safety. It’s definitely safer than ozone, since hydroxyl radicals have an extremely short half life and do not linger in rooms for a long time. It’s also undoubtedly more effective than a negative ion ionizer since it breaks down and kill off contaminants, instead of just moving the contaminants down from the air to the surface like a negative ion ionizer does.

3. Potential Drawbacks of the Air Oasis Air Purifier

  • A study conducted by a West Texas University shows that Air Oasis air sanitizer is most effective when left running at high setting and over an extended period of time. This implies that a short-term use will not be as effective. However, using it for a long period of time, or constantly, can pose another problem, which brings us to the next possible drawbacks.
  • Hydroxyl radicals are very reactive. Turning the machine on continuously will cause a large amount of hydroxyl radicals to be emitted. Some people are sensitive to this, especially the one with chemical sensitivity issues as well as the ones with lung problems. Therefore, if those people still want this machine, then they have to make sure that this machine is turned on only when they are not present.
  • While Air Oasis room sanitizer is often commended for removal of odors, VOCs, gases, and basic microorganism, it does not do as well with particle removal. <
  • If the PCO technology is not working properly, it can actually cause damage through accumulation of unfinished reaction products. Air Oasis air sanitizer claims that their technologies ensure this not happening. But since PCO technology and products based on photocatalytic technology are still relatively new, one must consider that there is not enough test having been done on the process. At present, all reviews are positive, but one must keep an open mind.
  • The UV bulb, if damaged, will release low pressure mercury gas into the air. In addition, all UV bulbs release ozone, albeit a small amount.

Air Oasis Air Purifier Models

Air Oasis has air purifiers that can cover different area size, such as room (up to 500 sq. feet), apartment (up to 1000 sq. feet) or home (up to 3000 sq. feet). In addition, there also the Air Oasis mini UV air purifier which is a convenient gadget to carry around when you travel, which includes a 12VDC for car travel.

What Kind of Particles Are Trapped With The Air Oasis Air Purifier and Who Needs This Air Purifier The Most?

The Air Oasis air purifiers are capable to remove odor and volatile organic compounds, mold spores, and a variety of germs. It cannot, however, deal with particulates.

Therefore, this photo-catalytic air purifier is best used for a healthy person who wants to remove bad odors or germs from home. It is also suitable for people who are allergic to mold only.

The air sanitizer is not suitable for people who are generally allergic to air particulates, including pollen, pet dander and dust. People who are sensitive to chemicals as well as asthmatic are not advised to buy Air Oasis air sanitizer because it requires constant production to hydroxyl radicals to clean up a room and cannot deal with air particles sufficiently.

However, if you love the idea of having hydroxyl radicals cleaning up your home, but cannot use Air Oasis room sanitizer, we recommend you to look at conventional air purifier which can also produce hydroxyl radicals, such as: Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier or Winix Plasmawave air cleaner.

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