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Best Smoke Air Purifier Reviews and How To Buy One

Smoke air purifier is a type of air purifiers intended to remove tobacco smoke or odor. Many people buy a smoke eater in an effort to eliminate the effects of second hand smoke.

The question is: Does it work?

A good smoke purifier can indeed improve the quality of indoor air. However, if smoking happens continuously, then even the best air purifier in the market cannot bring the level of toxins released by smoking down to the safe level.

In contrast, in a house where there is only occasional smoking happening, air purifier can help tremendously.

Below are our suggestion on how to ensure a good quality indoor air in houses where smoking happens and how to choose the best smoke air purifier. At the end of this article, you will get a list of air purifier which are designed to remove cigarette smoke with links to reviews.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality When Smoking is Present

A smoke purifier can only have a limited benefit on rooms where frequent smoking happens.

Why ?

Because cigarette smoke and odor is very overwhelming and spreads quickly everywhere.

Yes, a good quality smoke air purifier can help with the quality of indoor air where the smoking takes place. However, if the smoking is continuously happening, it is hard for the purifier to keep up with the demand. As a result, it is virtually impossible for a smoke purifier to clean up the room to the extent that the room becomes safe enough for everybody.

In other words, even when a smoke air cleaner is employed, non-smoking people still get considerable exposures of second-hand smoke in such household.

In addition, the particulates from the cigarette smoke often sticks everywhere; from the sofa to carpeting and walls. This in itself causes a secondary problem associated with smoking, in that those sticking contaminants can outgas toxins.

There is no way a smoke purifier can take in those sticking toxins, especially if the toxins build up continuously.

So what is the solution ?

The most effective solution is to eliminate indoor smoking by smoking either outdoor or in a dedicated smoking room which has an exhaust fan to remove the smoke from that smoking room. In addition, you should also make sure that the smoking room, as well as other room in the house is well ventilated.

Once the smoking is confined to one room, a smoke air purifier can then be placed in both the smoking room and adjacent rooms to ensure the removal of second-hand cigarette smoke which manages to escape from the smoking room.

Only when these solutions are pursued is the second hand smoke and hence, its effects, can be eliminated from the house (apart from the smoking room, of course).

In contrast to the above, there are some households are exposed to occasional cigarette smoking which perhaps happens during a get-together or when there are friends/relatives visiting. Or perhaps the smoking happens daily, but only limited to 1 hour at the most.

If smoking happens only occasionally then we strongly recommend to first, ventilate the rooms during or after the smoking activities. To further eliminate smoke particles, switch on a smoke air purifier.

So what air purifiers are available to remove tobacco smoke ?

Below is the list of smoke eater, but before going to the list and buying one, it is better to be informed on how a smoke eater air purifier works.

How Smoke Eaters Work

Before we go to air purifier recommendation section, it is important to know how a smoke purifier works. A smoke eater uses either carbon or chemical (or both) to remove small molecular weight particulates, including gas. In order for it to be effective, there should be a sufficient amount of activated (pore-containing) carbon or chemicals. By that, we mean that there should be at least 5 pound of them.

It is important to note that smoke purifiers are not created equal. Only a few employ sufficient amount of carbon or chemicals to really make a difference. The rest do not use enough carbon or chemical to sufficiently remove the gas contaminant.

In addition, to prolong the life of carbon or chemical air filters, it is important for a smoke air cleaner to have a good prefilter which will filter out bigger molecular weights particulates. This will leave the carbon or chemical to deal with gas only. In addition, since activated carbon is essentially powder, a HEPA filter positioned after the carbon filter is preferable to ensure no particulates and carbon dust coming back to the room

Smoke Air Purifier Reviews

We at encourage you to read smoke air purifier reviews first before buying any product advertised as smoke eater or smoke air purifier.

Why ?

Because there are plethora of air purifier available nowadays and they are expensive. Surely you don’t want to waste money buying products which will prove useless for you. Therefore, don’t buy any smoke eater just by looking at the sales description of each air purifier.

Many air purifiers are advertised as odor or smoke eater, but in reality, do not contain enough gas filter to do the job properly. By reading smoke air purifier reviews first before buying one, you become an informed consumer who hopefully won’t make any mistake buying a purifier.

Below is the list of smoke eaters you can use for your home with the link to individual reviews in alphabetical order. All smoke air purifiers listed here are premium indoor air purifiers and rather costly. But they are the ones which are proven to do the job properly. You just have to find the one which fits the best for your needs in terms of price, sq. feet area covered, your usage (is it for dealing with continuous smoking or occasional shopping) and so forth.

Allerair Purifiers ~ premium

Alen Air Purifier ~ some premium, some second-tier

Airgle Air Purifier ~ premium

Austin Air Purifier ~ premium

Blueair Purifier ~ premium

IQAir Air Purifier ~ premium.

  • IQAir Healthpro.
  • IQAir Healthpro Plus.
  • IQAir Multigas.

Plasmawave Air Cleaner ~ premium

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