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AllerAir Purifiers Reviews

If you want a bargain premium air purifier with excellent all-around cleaning capabilities and extra ability to curb odor and gases, this is the one for you. Customers have testified in various websites that this air cleaner cleans the air properly and virtually eliminates foul odors, such as pet odor, new paint odor, carpet odor, and so forth.

AllerAir purifiers can also be customized to meet customer’s needs. In fact, they have over 40 proprietary carbon blends which are designed to curb different types of gases optimally.

AllerAir was established back in 1996, when the founder found out that one of his family member suffered from chemical sensitivity. In a few short years, it becomes one of the best in air purifying industries, with clients ranging from commercial and government establishment, to residential.

Institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Boeing Aircraft and the U.S. Army have trusted AllerAir for making sure they have the best indoor air quality available.

The Technology Behind AllerAir Purifiers – A Review

1. Alleraire Filtration System.

In general, AllerAir air purifier provides these following filtration system:

  • Prefilter to trap coarse air particles.
  • Either True HEPA or Micro HEPA wrap (depending on the series) to arrest air particles as small as 0.3 or 0.1 micron, respectively at over 99% efficiency.
  • High amount of carbon filter (16-26 lb, depending on the series) to eliminate gases, including smoke and odor. It is important to mention that many cheaper air purifier’s manufacturers claim that their purifiers have some carbon for gas control. However, in truth, these purifiers only contain a sheet of carbon which is not enough to have a noticeable effects. An air purifier ought to have around 4-5 lb of carbon, at least, for it to have an effect. So AllerAir clearly goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to carbon filter. Some series of AllerAir purifiers also incorporate chemical in the carbon filter blend, so certain gases which not optimally trapped by carbon alone, such as: formaldehyde, ammonia and other inorganic gases can now be filtered out effectively. In addition, AllerAir also provides customized carbon blend depending on your needs.
  • UV germicidal light (optional, and availability depends on the series).
    The UV germicidal light works by killing the germs which are not filtered by the HEPA or gas-phase filter.
  • Titanium oxide (optional, availability depends on the series).
    This air purifier uses Quartzel photocatalytic technology which uses UV light to activate the titanium dioxide to destroy hazardous gases not filtered by its gas-phase filter.

AllerAir purifiers are no-frill premium HEPA purifiers which are equipped to provide complete cleaning from common allergens, germs, and volatile organic gases, including: smoke and odor. Because it provides a huge amount of carbon filter, its strength lies in its capability to curb more gases and therefore, odor, compared to other premium all around air cleaners. UV germicidal lights and a Titanium Dioxide filter can also be installed to ensure that your indoor air quality is at its best.

2. How Does The Filtration Work ?

AllerAir purifier filtration works as follows:

  • Stage 1: Air is drawn to the bottom of the unit and goes up where it passes through a pre-filter.
  • Stage 2: After passing prefilter, air goes further up to the center of the air purifier. It then goes out sideways from the center, passing through a carbon filter.
  • Stage 3: It goes further out and passes through the HEPA filter cylindrical wrap.
  • The clean air is then exhaled through a vent located just below the top of the unit.

In the units where microbial filters are added, after Stage 3, air passes through the UV light and Titanium oxide and stays there for a while to ensure destruction of harmful germs and air toxin. Clean air is subsequently routed to a vent located just below the top of the unit.

3. Other Features of AllerAir Purifiers

  • Pretty cheap.
    At under $500 a piece for the most basic AllerAir purifier (AllerAir EXEC),this purifier really give value for money. It’s cheap. Yet, unlike most discount air purifiers, it does the job properly. You can even save more money on carbon filter if you are willing to just buy the carbon and refill it yourself.
  • Low energy consumption
    It only consumes 95 watt at the highest setting.
  • Although it’s heavy (44 pound), it’s portable, in a sense that you can glide it from room to room pretty easily as long as there is no carpet involved.
  • Completely safe
    This air purifier does not produce harmful gases, including ozone, and its building material also does not outgas.
  • 10 year part warranty and 5 year labor warranty.

  • Individually-replaceable filters All three stage filters can be replaced individually, so there is no need to replace everything when only one filter is used up.

4. Potential Drawbacks of Home AllerAir Purifiers

  • It’s not the quietest air purifier around. The manufacturer states that AllerAir purifiers have a noise at 50 decibels at the lowest setting. This is definitely not the quiet kind, as it’s equivalent to the noise of normal home conversation. If you can stand a humming noise at the background when you sleep, then you will be okay with this.
  • Air throughput flow is not established According to the manufacturer’s specification, if AllerAir air cleaner is used in a room with an area of 900 sq feet and 8 feet high ceiling, then it’ll produce 3 air change per hour (recommended minimum air flow is 2 air changes per hour). However, the cubic feet per minute air throughput number stated in the product spec is unfortunately only the theoretical value for the motor used. It means, that this is the air flow rate you will get if the machine is switched on without all the filters. Assuming that the filters reduce the flow by half, then in order to get a 3 air change per hour, you should place the machine in a 450 sq feet room, instead of the recommended 900 sq feet.
  • Pre-filter life span is short. AllerAir requires the pre-filter to be changed every 2-3 months, although it is possible to extend the life of the pre-filter by vacuuming it. We think that the 2-3 month life span is a short one, especially when it’s compared to another budget premium purifier, Austin Air , whose pre-filter is permanent. However, the total price of AllerAir prefilters for an 18 month period is comparable to that of more expensive premium air purifier brands.

  • This is a true no-frill air purifier. AllerAir purifiers, like Austin Air purifiers, are basic. It has no timer, is not programmable, and does not have any sensor whatsoever. Plus, you need a screwdriver to change the filter, but you don’t need one to change the pre-filter.

So, Who Need AllerAir Purifiers ?

In general, AllerAir purifiers are good for filtering out common allergen, such as: dust, dustmites, pollen, mold, and so forth, and are particularly good in controlling gases, odors and some smoke. Therefore, AllerAir air purifiers make a good odor air purifier.

AllerAir has several home air purifier machines which are designed according to different needs. Basically, every type of AllerAir purifier has 3 serial numbers: 4000, 5000, or 6000. The higher the number, the higher the power is and so does its area coverage.

Here are the types of AllerAir purifiers available:

AllerAir EXEC series and its UV version.

AllerAir Exec air purifiers uses medical-grade HEPA and pounds of activated carbon to help with allergen and organic gases removal. It’s suitable for all-around cleaning and is particularly good for odor control. There is an option for installing a UV light and titanium oxide to enhance the filtration of toxic material and germs.

AllerAir VOCARB series and its UV version

AllerAir VOCARB (Volatile Organic Compounds Reduction) has the same medical-grade HEPA as the EXEC series. However, it contains an upgraded carbon filter so that the purifier now has an optimal ability to absorb a wider range of gases, including chemically-reactive gases such as formaldehyde and ammonia. Microbial filter upgrade (UV light and titanium oxide) is also available for this series.

AllerAir DS (Double Smoke) series

As its name suggests, this AllerAir purifier is dedicated to treat moderate amount of smoke and odor in general. It consists of tar-trapping prefilter, micro-HEPA filter and 24-27 lbs of smoke blend activated carbon. Including in this series is the DSX version, which is basically AllerAir Double Smoke (DS) on steroid. The AllerAir DSX (Double Smoke Supreme) is suitable for curbing heavy amount of tobacco smoke as well as gaseous toxin and odor.

AllerAir Medic series

The Allerair AirMedic is the result of an attempt to improve the EXEC and VOCARB series. There are three noticeable improvement in this series:

It uses an improved HEPA filter system which eliminate internal leakage. This means that all air which go through the system does indeed go through the HEPA filter. Therefore, it cleans air in a single pass.

It is compact.

It contains an improved air flow system.Since this air purifier series is particularly good in removing particulates, including common allergen, this is suitable for people who suffers from mild lung diseases and allergy. Also included in this series is AirMedic MCS which contains different proprietary carbon blend to make it effective to alleviate symptoms of people with multiple chemical sensitivities.

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