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Sharp Air Purifier Reviews for 2022

A sharp air purifier is one of the popular products of Sharp, a company dedicated to designing high-quality home appliances. The air purifier was launched in 2003 and has been consistently topping the charts as far as air purifier performance and dependability are concerned.

There is a range of Sharp Plasmacluster purifier products in the market today, both the discontinued (FP P35CX, FP P40CX, and FP P60CX) and the newly-released one FP P30U. In addition to those air purifiers, Sharp has also come up with air purifier-humidifier combos (KC series), including KC-830U, KC-850U, and KC 860U.

Sharp Air Purifier Reviews

1. How Sharp Air Purifiers Work

Plasmacluster Technology.

The highlight of the cleaning method employed by Sharp air purifiers is the plasmacluster technology. Basically, this process involves the release of negative and positive ions into the air. The released ions then react with water vapor in the air, hence producing hydroxyl radicals which can then surround and remove the contaminants in the air.

You may think that a plasmacluster is a bit like ionizer.

But nothing can be further than the truth. In an ordinary ionizer, negative ions are released into the air and subsequently stick to airborne pollutant. The combo of negative ion and pollutant causes them to fall down or stick to the wall, hence they can then be removed easily by sweeping or wiping. Therefore, with an ordinary ionizer you have to sweep or wipe the clumps which fall down to the carpet or stick to the wall.

However, with the plasmacluster technology, you don’t need to do that. The hydroxyl radicals produced by the reaction of the negative and positive ions with the air readily oxidize the pollutant. Therefore, essentially these ions have the capability in removing the pollutant for good.

The other main difference between the plasmacluster and ordinary ionizer is that plasmacluster production does not produce ozone by-product.

On top of that, the hydroxyl radicals – the oxidizing agent – have very short half life. So they are safe.

NEWSWORTHY: In his talk in Seminar on Environmental Air Purification and Health in Beijing, March 2011, Mr. Sugano, Executive Managing Officer from Sharp mentioned the fact that air purifiers equipped with Plasmacluster technology were certified as air sterilization machines. This certification shows the efficiency of plasmacluster technology in air purification industry, and explains the high efficiency of Sharp air purifiers.

HEPA and carbon filtration.

In conjunction with the use plasmacluster technology, Sharp air purifier also uses passive filtration method using a true HEPA filter for filtering out particulates higher than 0.3 micron, and a washable 4 lb of carbon filter to absorb gases. To lengthen the lifespan of the HEPA filters, newer models now include washable prefilter.

The combination of active removal of air particulates through the use of the plasmacluster technology and passive filtration using both HEPA and carbon filters results in a superior air purifier which works effectively to remove harmful and toxic airborne particulates and gases from air, leaving you with a high quality fresh air which is free from pollutants.

2. The Positive Features of The Sharp Air Purifier

  • Able to clean the air of sub-micron particles, micro-biologicals, and toxic molecules. This will drastically reduce the presence of harmful airborne particles like viruses and bacteria which can trigger allergies and respiratory conditions.
  • Active cleaning mode. The hydroxyl ions from a Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier have a 10 feet survival ratio based on the 2 feet/second air speed which allows it to capture more contaminants efficiently even from a distance. Therefore the cleaning is ‘active’, in that contaminants which are away from the machine can be removed.
  • Short half life of the hydroxyl radicals also means that they are also safe, especially compared to using ozone air purifier, since ozone molecules linger much longer in the air.
  • Can be used to remove odors.
  • All Sharp air purifiers have low to barely discernible noise level (22-55 dba). The lowest setting, at around 20 dbA is basically almost silent, being comparable to the sound of rustling leaves.
  • Sharp air purifier has long-lasting internal parts like the seals and gaskets which don’t need replacement at least for the first 3-5 years. HEPA and carbon filters are also good for 2 years..
  • They are easily movable since they do not weigh much.
  • You have a choice of three to four fan speeds as well as different plasmacluster modes. Between those modes and speeds, you will find the one which is right for you.
  • Energy efficient.

3. Potential Drawbacks of Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier

  • Although considered a safe air purifier , bear in mind, that a minority of people can be sensitive to the hydroxyl ions. After all, they are oxidizing agents. Fortunately, its half life is very short, so you can always leave when the machine’s plasmacluster mode is on, and come back as soon as it’s off. With ozone-based air purifiers, you don’t have that luxury since ozone lingers in the air for longer time. This will mean it will be necessary for the room to be emptied for at least one day after ozone is used.
  • The Sharp air purifiers tend to wobble a bit. However, it should not be a major concern since it never topples over.
  • Homes with high levels of aldehyde, which can be found in products that use dyes, resin, or organic acids like leather products, perfumes, fresh paint, heavy chemicals, mobile homes, or homes located near freeways, will need to replace the carbon bag earlier than the manufacturers recommendation of 2 years.
  • The Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers do not have the particle sensor, remote control, filter sensor or even a timer.
  • Since the air is filtered in from the front of the unit and released from the side, it could create a soiled effect if it is placed too close to anything like a wall or a piece of furniture. However, this can be avoided by positioning the unit properly.
  • It has a limited warranty of only one year from date of purchase on labor and parts. However, customers reported that Sharp air purifiers are of good quality and durable and therefore will definitely run efficiently well past the one year warranty.

What Kind of Particles Are Trapped and Who Needs This Air Purifier The Most?

The Sharp air purifiers are capable to remove pet dander, mold spores, pollen, dust and a variety of germs. It can also deal, albeit in limited manner, smoke and a variety of odor.

Therefore, they can be used for both allergic and asthma people. Some people with chemical sensitivity can also use this air purifier, but it is advisable limit the exposure to the hydroxyl radicals emitted by the machine when in plasmacluster mode.

People looking to eliminate strong odors, including persistent heavy smoke, chemical and pet/urine odors, are not adviced to buy this air purifier. Instead, they should look for air purifiers designed specifically to eliminate strong odors, including some of these brands, Allerair, IQAir and Austin Air.

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