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Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Reviews for 2022

Hamilton Beach air purifiers are one of the products of the famous maker of home electrical appliances, Hamilton Beach. Founded in 1910 by three ex-coworker of U.S. Standard Electrical Works, -Osius, Hamilton and Beach-, the company started off with producing Sew-E-Z home electric motor, which is used as an interchangeable driving mechanism for various attachments such as sewing machines, fans, grinders, buffers and cake-batter mixers.

In the following years, Hamilton Beach’s catalog expanded to include vacuum cleaner, juicer, and so forth. In 2000, air purifiers are added to their catalog. All air purifiers produced by Hamilton Beach bear the name TrueAir.

Over the years, there have been several lines of Hamilton Beach air purifier products introduced to the market. The models available today are:

  • Hamilton Beach Trueair Ionic Air Purifier with HEPA-grade filter (model 04491 and 04492).
  • Hamilton Beach True Air air purifier with true HEPA filter and UV (model 04161).
  • Hamilton Beach Trueair Allergen Reducer for office and small room (model 04383).

Hamilton Beach True Air Air Purifier in Review

Hamilton Beach air purifiers have been getting good reviews from customers and allergy supply vendors across the board as they represent value for money. Their top-of-the-line product, Hamilton Beach True Air HEPA air purifier with UV (model 04161) is equipped with the true HEPA which can optimally trap particles up to 0.3 micron and some carbon for gas or odor reduction.

This makes this air purifier on par in terms of efficiency with other second tier HEPA air purifiers such as the famous Honeywell Enviracaire and Hunter QuietFlo air purifier. At less than $200 and with capacity to clean up around 200 sq foot room, this air purifier is a good choice for budget-minded customers who want all around cleaning and want to rectify mild problem, such as mild smoke and musty odor, mild allergy symptoms, and so forth.

The other air purifier products by this company, such as Hamilton Beach Trueair Allergen Reducer and the Trueair Ionic air purifier, are not as efficient in removing smaller particulates as model 04161 as they do not have the true HEPA filter.

Customers looking for reducing small particulates, including cigarette smoke and pet odors are better off not buying these two Hamilton Beach air purifiers since they are not equipped to eliminate minuscule particulates. In addition, these air purifiers do not have enough power to clean bigger room, so they are most suitable for rooms around 150 sq. feet, such as office room.

These air purifiers cost only $50-150 (depending on the model) and judging from what they can or can’t do, this is a good price to pay if you want to have an all around clean air.

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier Positive Feedback.

  • Cheap.
  • Filter replacement is also cheap. Some models also come with ‘permanent’ HEPA filter which does not require frequent replacement.
  • Some models are actually energy-efficient, consuming only 50 watt.
  • Hamilton Beach Trueair HEPA air purifier (model 04161) is efficient in filtering particulates sized 0.3 micron and larger, as well as smaller particulates, such as gas, odor, and smoke.
  • Smart air quality sensor available.
  • Filter monitor is also available. However, the filter monitor works based on clocking/timing, instead of pressure mechanism which detects the filter’s real use.
  • Safe. Even their ionic air purifier is ozone-free or does not emit ozone, a potential lung irritant.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier Drawbacks.

Noise is one of the drawback of Hamilton Beach air purifiers. In contrast to what the company claims (whisper sound), their air purifiers do not produce a whisper sound. Instead, they sound more like an old window A/C. So, expect some hummming when you switch on the unit. A good quiet alternative to Hamilton Beach air purifiers (model 04161) is the current model of Hunter QuietFlo air purifier.

Customers also express disappointment with discontinuation of some recent Hamilton Beach air purifier models since this company withdraws the production of the corresponding filter soon after.

In addition, there has also been a disappointment from the customers for Hamilton Beach Trueair Ionic air purifier and the Allergen Reducer because their inability to deal with odor. This should come as a no surprise because those models are not equipped with the correct filter to deal with gases.

In order to deal with gases, an air purifier needs substantial amount of activated carbon filter as well as a good true HEPA filter. Note the word true here. True HEPA filter means HEPA filters which live up to HEPA standard, which are supposed to be able to trap particles sized 0.3 micron or above at 99.97% efficiency. The units in question above, have HEPA-grade or HEPA-like filters (not true HEPA filters) and their efficiency are only good for up to 3 micron (for allergen reducer) and 0.5 micron (for ionic air purifier with HEPA filter).

This is why customers need to educate themselves with different air purifier system prior to buying an air purifier, so that they can tell what an air purifier is designed to do, and do not fall into the marketing gimmicks. Plus, it is impossible for units that cheap to be able to filter out gases which is the smallest air particles and the most difficult to filter.

Finally, Hamilton Beach air purifier is not an air purifier which has bell and whistles. It has no remote control and is not programmable. But it does have filter and air quality sensor.

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier – To Sum Up

All in all, Hamilton Beach air purifier, especially the model 04161, is good value and is proved efficient to address some odor/gas problem as well as mild allergy problems. The other models (the ionic air purifier and the allergen reducer models) are good for all around cleaning, and is particularly suitable for those who do not have health and odor problems to address.

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